ice cube makerImagine it’s a sweltering hot day…you want to refresh yourself with a drink of ice cold water…only to find you didn’t fill up the ice trays.

So you have to settle for a lukewarm beverage instead. Yuck!

Having your own ice making machine is the answer to this kind of annoying scenario!

But is it just for hot days? Why else would you need an ice cube maker? What are the benefits? Keep reading to find out!

1. It’s Hygienic and Cheap

Recently it’s come to light that, even though there are many rules and regulations in place, sometimes the ice we buy isn’t clean and can be full of bacteria.

If your a germaphobe or just don’t want to get ill, having your own ice cube maker is the best thing you can do.

In the long run, having your own ice making machine is also a lot cheaper than regularly buying ice cubes from the supermarket.

So you’ll be saving money and you can be sure you’re getting the cleanest ice!

2. It Helps With Household Chores

If you have your own ice cube maker, you will always be prepared. Especially when it comes to household chores.

For example, you can remove dents in carpets. Heavy pieces of furniture can leave unsightly indents on your carpet. Put an ice cube on the indent, let it melt, then brush it. The dent will vanish!

If the inside of your vase is dirty and you can’t reach inside to clean it, just put in an ice cube. Add some lemon juice and salt, shake it up and it’ll be clean as a whistle.

Ice cubes can also help to iron out wrinkles in your clothing. Wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth, rub it over that stubborn wrinkle and it’ll come right out.

Another useful hack is when chewing gum is stuck to your clothing. Don’t panic, just keep cool and grab an ice cube! Rub the ice on the gum until it hardens, then just scrape it off.

As you can see, having an abundance of ice on hand is great for household jobs!

3. It’s Handy For Gardening

If you struggle to reach your hanging baskets in the garden, ice cubes can help! Just toss a few cubes into the pots and it’ll water your plants gradually as the ice melts. This means you can ditch the ladder, and, as a bonus, your plants will have a gentle watering instead of a harsh downpour!

Ice cubes are also good for watering your Christmas tree or indoor plants, as it may be hard to reach the base with a watering can.

Yes, having your own ice cube maker is really handy for these gardening jobs.

4. It’s Great For Cooking

Having your own ice cube maker is really great when your cooking.

If you’re making a homemade sauce and it starts to curdle, just add an ice cube, stir lightly and watch the sauce change into a silky masterpiece!

If you want your homemade salad dressing to be just like the store-bought version, you can use ice cubes! Simply place all your ingredients into a jar with one ice cube, shake it and see your dressing become a creamy sensation. Don’t forget to remove the ice cube before serving.

Another use of an ice cube is for reheating rice. Just add an ice cube to the rice, and reheat in the microwave. It’ll keep it from drying out and you’ll have nice fluffy rice that tastes like it was just cooked.

5. You Can Have Your Own Bar

Having your own ice cube machine is essential to cool summer drinks and cocktails!

Most alcoholic cocktails are served over ice. If you’re hankering for a tangy Mojito Cocktail and you have no ice left in your freezer, you’ll just be left feeling disappointed. Having your own ice cube maker is the answer!

The same goes for making cool iced coffees and teas. Or what about slushies and ice cones for hot days?

With your own ice bar, you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors!

6. It Helps With Emergencies

Having ice on hand is also great in an emergency.

For example, if you have a splinter, you can numb the area with an ice cube before you remove it with tweezers. It’s also great to have ice for any other kinds of bumps and bruises, with the coolness of the ice keeping the swelling down.

Or if you have to drink some horrible tasting medicine, first numb your taste buds with an ice cube. This is especially helpful for picky kids!

You can also reduce any eye puffiness you may have after a late night out. Just wrap an ice cube in a light towel and place over your eyes.

7. It Can Keep You Cool

Obviously, ice keeps you cool on those sweltering summer days. Imagine the torture of waiting hours and hours for the water in your ice cube trays to solidify. Having an ice cube machine on hand is great during those hot months of the year.

As we said before, cocktails, ice coffee and slushies can all be made on a boiling day to cool you down. Yes, having an ice cube maker is essential!

You can also put a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan. The fan will blow cold air, allowing the room to cool down.

And remember, it’s not just you that gets hot on a summers day! What about your pets? Add some ice cubes to their water bowls to keep it cool. They’ll slurp away and appreciate the cold drink.

8. It Can Keep The Kids Busy

Ice is also great for arts and crafts with kids!

For example, let your toddlers paint ice cubes. Or even just let them play with them as a sensory activity.

For older kids, you can even do science experiments involving ice cubes. You just need ice cubes, salt, food coloring and a sprinkle of imagination!

You’ve Got To Get Yourself an Ice Cube Maker!

As you can see, there are so many things you can do with ice! But you don’t want to be running down to the store to grab bags of ice, or trying to fill up your freezer with a load of ice cubes trays.

If you have your own ice cube maker you’ll be able to use all these hacks freely, easily, whenever you want, without worrying if you’ve got enough supply in the freezer!

For more great tips and advice on ice making machines and more, read our blog!

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