Ice MakerWhen most people think of an ice maker, it’s not a surprise they think of the built-in type you find in the kitchen refrigerator.

But ice machines are so much more than that. And the need for ice extends far beyond the kitchen.

Think about it, how many times have you tried to fill coolers full of ice from the fridge yourself? Or lugged bags of ice from the store to the car, only to have it melt quicker than you can use it? Have you been sitting at your desk at work wishing you have more ice to refresh your drink?

Now it’s time to think outside of the kitchen. Ice machines can go anywhere with you. Whether they are the built-in kind, a commercial machine, or a portable unit, there’s an ice maker to fill every need.

Don’t believe me? Here are 8 ways you can use an ice machine that you may have never of realized.

1. Outdoor Party

What outdoor party isn’t complete without a bunch of cold drinks? Rather than having coolers full of melting bags of ice, an ice maker machine is just what you need.

Whether you have it as part of an outdoor kitchen or alongside a tiki bar, having an ice machine will ensure no one goes without a cold beverage on a hot day.

Just be sure to remember that your machine will need to work a bit harder when sitting out in warm temperatures, though it’s nothing your ice machine can’t handle.

2. Tailgating

Have you ever been to a tailgating party when either the ice ran out or it melted before it could even be used? Have you thought of bringing along an ice maker?

It’s the perfect solution! As long as you have a power supply, you can always have ice.

A cold drink is always the perfect side to burgers and hot dogs. You also need to make sure any unused meat products stay fresh.

And if more people show up the tailgating party than planned, it’s not a problem. There’s ice for everyone! When game time finally arrives, you know everyone will be fully refreshed and ready to cheer the team on.

3. Camping

Nothing would be worse than heading out to the campsite and not being able to find any store that sells ice. And if it’s a holiday weekend, other places could be sold, leaving you to wonder how you’re going to keep your food and drinks cold for the whole trip.

Bringing along an ice maker solves all of that. Whether you need the ice for drinks, or to cool down any sunburns or bug bites, you know you’ll always have a supply of ice on hand.

4. Boating

Being out in the middle of a lake or miles off the shoreline is very inconvenient when you run out of ice. No one wants to stop the fun in order to get back to land and head to a store before the fun can continue.

An ice maker will ensure the fun doesn’t have to stop just so you can refresh your drink. Plug it in on the boat and you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice again.

Fishing and want to keep the catch of the day? You know you’ll have ice to keep it fresh.

And the same goes for boating as it does for camping. The ice can be used not just for drinks, but to help relieve the heat of sunburns and bug bites as well.

5. RVing

Road trips are great, but freezer space is at a premium. Plus, you never know how many miles it’s going to be to the next convenience store to get more ice. And even then you aren’t guaranteed they’re going to have bags of ice available.

This is not a problem with an ice maker on board the RV. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading down the road or sitting out in the middle of nowhere stargazing. You’ll always have ice on hand, no matter how long you plan on being on the road.

6. The Office

Many offices have water coolers. Some have small beverage refrigerators. You may even have a mini-fridge at your desk.

So how convenient would it be to also have an ice machine for employees to cool down their beverages?

Being able to refresh their drinks throughout the day can help with employee happiness and productivity.

7. The Job Site

Not everyone works in an office. Sometimes job sites can be hot and labor intensive, perfect conditions to have an ice machine on hand!

Whether it’s a small work site or a large one, an ice machine will provide much-needed relief for everyone involved. Having a supply of ice at the job site will keep your workers hydrated and happy.

8. Entertaining

When it comes to entertaining people, you can never have too much ice… but you can run out. Make sure that doesn’t happen by having an ice machine at your next party!

Casual parties and formal parties alike will benefit from using an ice machine. Not only does it look better than having coolers of ice sitting around, but they’re also more convenient than having to run to the kitchen to refill all the time.

And if you’re serving fancy cocktails, there are ice machines that make clear cubes, ensuring your drinks always look just as great as they taste.

There’s More Than One Way to Use an Ice Maker

Once you think outside of the kitchen, you realize ice machines can be very handy appliances to have for many different situations.

How many more occasions can you think of where you wished you had more ice on hand? Now you know there’s an ice machine for that.

Have more questions about how an ice maker can work for you? Please feel free to contact us today!

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