Having ice with our cold beverages make it a 100% better. There is just something that is so refreshing with that burst of coldness once the liquid enters our mouths. Now, it is easier to consistently have ice when we have an ice maker.

So, in this article we determine the best compact ice maker to suit our craving for that clear, crunchy, and frozen liquid.

The compact ice makers in this list can be used for different purposes, may it just be a staple in your kitchen, or you would travel with it for outdoor parties, or taking it to camping trips. Read on to find out what is the best compact ice maker.

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker: The Best Compact Ice Maker


This compact ice maker can produce two sizes of cubed ice. At the same, it can produce up to 26 lbs. of ice in a day. It comes in the color white. It has simple controls as you only need to press on and off.

It has integrated a storage bin that is insulated well. This bin can hold up to a little over 1.4 lbs. in a long period. Even though the bin is well insulated, it still cannot function as a freezer. So you need to use the ice immediately, or else it will melt.

This compact ice maker produces ice in just 10 minutes, and it hardly makes a loud sound. It would also fit right on top of a kitchen countertop.


It is very convenient to use this compact ice maker as it can produce ice in just a short amount of time. Although it is fairly small, its initial storage of ice, which is 1.4 lbs. is still a good amount of ice that can be used by two to four people.

It is also user-friendly as it has an indicator on whether it needs more water to operate. At the same time, it is customizable as you can use both mineral or tap water, and you have the choice on what the size of your ice would be.


It is not durable. The gears inside this compact ice maker are made of plastic, so when the plastic is worn out, it will not work properly. The plastic can wear out from six months to a year, so you have to replace those parts.

It is not ideal for everyday use. This would be perfect for boating or quick camping trips since you would just use it occasionally, but if you solely rely on this product to produce ice, it would eventually conk out.

Best Choice Products Compact Digital Ice Maker


This compact ice maker can produce about 26 lbs. of cubed ice that can come in two sizes. It also has a slim exterior which makes it perfect to put on a countertop. It comes in color black.

Additionally, it has indicators for the water reservoir and the level of the ice. Although it has a well-insulated basket, it cannot function as a freezer. The ice would eventually melt if stored for a long time.


There is no assembly required with this machine. You just need to plug it in and add water. It is user-friendly as the controls are very easy to understand and use. It can hold up to 10 cups of water.

It produces ice in a small amount of time. It also has a safeguard to prevent water overflow. The melted ice would be sent back to the ice making chamber and would be refrozen to make ice again.


This ice maker needs some time to warm up. When you plug it in, it does not immediately produce perfect ice. The initial ice output could be a bit cloudy, tastes of plastic, or even a bit soft. But give it two more uses only then it should perform properly.

Rosewill Compact Ice Maker


The ice producing cycle of this machine is longer compared to the other contenders because it can take six to 12 minutes, but that is still fairly quick. It has a sleek exterior not to take a lot of space when put on top of a counter.

It produces two sizes of ice, and the shape of the ice is that of the bullet kind. It can produce a little over 25 lbs. of ice each day. Its basket is well insulated but cannot function as a freezer. The bin can hold up to 1.54 lbs. of ice at a given time.


This ice maker has an innovative water design where it can reuse the water that has melted when left for a long time in the storage bin. In this case, there would be no water wastage. It is also user-friendly as the buttons used in the machine are easy to operate.

This also operates fast, although not as fast the other ice makers in this list, but this one it produces ice with a lot of finesse since it is the quietest of the bunch.


The bin that holds the ice is ridiculously small that you almost always would see the indicator as full. The ice turnover is quick on this one, and since it does not have a huge storage bin, it fills up real quick. You also have to keep an eye on it, so it would not overflow.

It does have the refreezing technology, however, if the machine cannot catch up with so much melted ice, there is a big risk that it could not process the excess water, and you would be left with an overflow.

The Best Compact Ice Maker: Verdict

The winner for the best compact ice maker is the Best Choice Products Compact Digital Ice Maker. Among the contenders, this is the most durable and dependable compact ice maker.

It has the technology where the melted ice could be refrozen. Its basket is almost big enough to fit quite a lot of ice. The best feature of this machine is that it is the only machine in the list that has precautionary measures against the overflow of water.

Its name says it all; it is definitely the best choice.

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