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It’s no surprise that Americans love their ice. Ice is definitely more popular in the United States than in other parts of the world, but once you get hooked on ice cold beverages, there’s no turning back.

Europeans are known to only put 1 or 2 cubes in each cup of soda. Can you even imagine?!

And it’s not only the amount of ice we like in our drinks, it’s also the types of ice that matter. If you are opinionated about the type of ice you have in your beverage, you may be considering getting an ice maker of your own.

If you’re thinking of buying an ice maker, you should first know all about the different types of ice machines that are available. Here is your ultimate guide on ice machines.

Different Types of Ice

Ice comes in all different shapes and sizes. Anything from blocks of ice to shaved ice for snow cones. Here is a breakdown of a few of the most popular kinds of ice that people prefer.

Cubed Ice

Cubed ice is made by running water over a freezing evaporator plate. This freezing plate is usually divided up into a grid system. Water is pumped over the plate and the ice grows until is the right size. It is then released from the plate.

Cubed ice is most often found in restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores. This ice is usually harder and lasts a long time making it ideal for cooling beverages.

The standard cube size is just a little smaller than an inch square. Although there are a few brands that actually have patents on the shape and size of their cubed ice.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is becoming more and more popular by avid drinkers for many reasons. Nugget ice is small, round irregularly shaped nuggets of ice that about the size of peas.

This type of ice is soft and chewable making many people crave it. Nugget ice has the ability to retain liquid. That means that when you chew the ice, you will get the flavor of whatever dring it was in.

Nugget ice is made by forcing the ice out through extruders at the top of an auger cylinder. This compresses the ice into nugget shapes.

Nugget ice is also great for food establishments as it cools drinks quickly and less liquid is needed per glass.

Flake Ice

Flake ice is made with an auger cylinder similar to nugget ice. Water is sprayed onto the cylinder and it freezes into thin layers. The spinning auger chops the thin ice into small flakes.

These flakes are easy to shape and pack. They are often used in displays, such as in a supermarket for fresh seafood or meats. This allows keeping the food cool without damaging them. Restaurants with salad bars also use them to keep plates and bowls cool.

Flake ice is also used in hospitals and healthcare facilities for patients who may have trouble swallowing. Flake ice is soft and melts quickly so patients don’t have to worry about choking on ice.

Physical trainers also use flake ice to shape and pack around external injuries.

Now that we’ve covered the different types of ice, let’s talk about the makers you can buy to make ice.

Best Ice Makers

There are a few different types of ice makers you can choose from depending on your needs. If you own a big office, there are ice makers more that. If you want to host a summer party, there are ice makers for that too. Here are a few of the basic styles to choose from.

Commercial Ice Makers

Most businesses, such as hotels, schools, and hospitals now have ice makers available for their employees and customers.

Becuase let’s be honest, more people want a cold drink during the day. Whether they are working or sitting in a waiting room.

Commercial ice makers produce and store large amounts of ice, some can make up to 1,000 pounds per day. Just be aware that commercial ice makers are loud and will need their own water line.

These large ice makers will need to be cleaned and sanitized periodically to keep them in proper working order.

Built-In Ice Makers

Built-in ice makers can be purchased to be used indoors or outdoors. Built-in ice makers can make a lot of ice and can stand up to a lot of use.

Most indoor built-in ice-makers are installed under cabinets. These are great for homes that do a lot of entertaining. You can invite guests and friends over and always have enough ice for your party.

Or Maybe you are one of those people who love to chew on pebbled ice all day. With a built-in ice maker in your home, you’ll never have to go out to get your daily fix.

Outdoor ice-makers are made with components that are more durable and will be able to hold up in all different types of weather.

These are great for barbeques, swim parties, or an outdoor bar.

Countertop/Portable Ice Makers

Countertop and portable icemakers do not need to be installed. They are very easy to use and designed to sit on any counter.

They are also lightweight and can even be transported to your next adventure. They are often used in hotel rooms, campers, and boats.

You can even pick styles and finishes that match your decor.

The one thing to note about portable ice makers is that they do not store a lot of ice. So once the ice is produced, you will need to transport the ice to a freezer.

Get Chillin’

Now that you have the low down on all types of ice, get going on finding the perfect ice maker for your needs.

Whether you want the perfect nugget ice for your soda or the perfectly shaped cubes for your nightcap, there is an ice maker for out there that is perfect for your lifestyle.

While deciding the what ice maker is the best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help with all your frozen needs.

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